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Certification matters.

The reason we certify is to let our clients know that our Lipsologists are accountable, reelable  and held to the highest standards.



Lipsology is the art and science of interpreting lip prints or kisses.  Looking at a lip print, a Certified Lipsologist can determine a person’s personality, energy levels, stress, and even health issues!  With 25 categories of lip prints and over 100 sub-categories there’s lots to see and lots to tell.  Founder, Jilly Eddy, researched over 10,000 lip prints for over 20 years before teaching this amazingly accurate system of lip print interpretation.  Thus, there are currently only 9 Certified Lipsologists worldwide. Beth is the 8th Certified Lipsologists in the world. If you wish to learn more about Lipsology and Jilly Eddy, you can find her book, Lipsology, The Art and Science of Reading Lip Prints on Amazon, or, better yet!, Hire Beth to entertain for your next party!

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Fun and enlightening are words I would use to describe a Lip Print Reading with Beth Engerson of Kiss-Marks. I had no idea what to expect. I have had tarot readings and palm readings before, but this experience was completely different. Beth is very skilled and shared insights about my personality and a more intuitive guidance suggestion—which blew me away! I highly recommend scheduling a reading for yourself or working with Beth for a larger group party. 

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If you can’t get Beth to your destination. A virtual party can be arranged using skype or google hangouts. You just need access to a computer with a video camera and someone with a phone camera to take pictures of the kiss cards.Book your virtual party today.


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