Lip Reading

Recently, our client booked one of our most unique virtual activities for their Zoom event. A group of US college students attended the virtual event and took part in an online lip-reading masterclass hosted by our certified Virtual Lipsologist.

Lipsology is the art and science of reading lip prints. Lipsologists claim that lip prints reveal personality traits, energy levels and emotions. For instance, a plump lip print could equate to a big personality! Essentially, Lipsology is a kind of like a psychic reading.

Each online guest applied a coating of their favourite lipstick, kissed a piece of paper and shared that with our Lipsologist, who made perceptive and startlingly accurate observations about each of their characters!

There are only eight certified Lipsologists in the world, so we are so pleased to work with one of them to offer our clients a truly unique virtual experience. We highly recommend virtual Lipsology readings as a fun choice for virtual team building event, virtual bridal parties and more.


Whenever we are lip reading, knowing the context gives us a much better chance of lip reading accurately. It can feel awkward to check the subject being discussed, especially in mid-conversation, but don’t be afraid to ask what the current topic is (a polite ‘Are we talking about X?’ to the person beside you, may do the trick). Knowing the topic of conversation also makes it easier to lipread homophenes (words that look similar).

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